What made me want to becoming a software engineer?

Xavier Jouvenot
3 min readAug 24, 2022

Hello ! I’m Xavier Jouvenot and this is my first blog post on Hashnode. 🎉

Some of you may already know me from Dev.to or my personal website.

I didn’t know how to start blogging on this platform, and two hours ago, I encounter the article about the Writeathon “4 Articles in 4 Weeks”, written by Eleftheria Batsou. After hesitating for about one hour, and since there was only 3 hours left before the deadline of the 22nd of August. So here I am, creating an account on Hashnode in order to start this challenge just before the deadline to post the first article.

Note: the timing may be a little off since I am in France, and I am not sure about the time difference with the deadline provided for the challenge 😄

The start of my programming journey

Some people have always been playing with computers and naturally end up making a living out of the passion of their young years. I am not one of those people. 😛

Indeed, at 17, when having to decide what to do next with my life, I was completely lost. Without any idea about what to do next, I did the only thing I thought about, I chose the same university and formation as my friends. Not a really smart move, I have to admit. Then, during the summer break before starting the new year, I experimented a little bit with programming on openclassrooms and enjoyed it. I actually always loved solving problems (math problems, for example), so when starting programming, I found a domain where everything was “problem solving and loved it.

So if you were only looking at the question “What made me want to become a software engineer?”, the answer is: at first, nothing, it all started by pure chance, and after a little time, since I always loved problem solving, studying programming resonated with me really quickly.

During university, I learned a lot about programming, software development and about the job of a software engineer. It was all very interesting, but the most relevant experiences I had, at that time, were some internships which confronted me to the daily life of developers and computer scientists. Those experiences, with everything I have learned during the universities, prepared me relatively well for the professional world of programming. 🤓

My life as a software engineer