Setting up Android Studio with C++ on Windows


First of all, we must install Android Studio on our machine. I will only talk about the Windows installation, as I personally only have a Windows machine.

Via the website

To download Android Studio, all you have to do is go to the Android Studio website and click on “Download Android Studio”. Once downloaded, run the installer and select the the setup and the theme that you want. Personally, I selected a standard setup and the dark theme.

Via a package manager

Another way to install Android Studio on Windows, is to use a package manager. I personally tend to use Chocolatey, and I really encourage you to give it a try, if you never have. 🙂

Project configuration

Now that you have an Android Studio ready to be used, let’s configure and run successfully a C++ project in Android Studio. First of all let’s create a new project by going into the menu File > New > New Project. In the windows that appeared, select the C++ project.


After all this, we are ready to finally start coding, but that will be for another post 😜

Interesting links

- Setup NDK in Android Studio



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